"When you come to the end of everything you know, and the next step is into the depths of darkness of the great unknown, you must believe one of two things: either you will step onto firm ground or you will be taught to fly" ~Claire Norris

Sunday, December 17, 2006

So I'm pretty much done with blogspot, since no one really comes here anymore. Got a Myspace a few weeks ago... you can check me out on that.
see you there.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm finally home. Slacking on the updates as usual but I really have no time. Basically if you're looking for a recap as to what I've been up to: a lot of school, homework, school, and homework & a little bit of sleeping, eating, sleeping, and eating. School has kept me pretty busy - especially these past few weeks. Starting to get reccommendation letters back from my teachers for college so that's been on my mind a lot. I still have no idea where I want to go. Hoping to major in Clinical Psychology though and possibly minor in something to do with writing (ie eng. comp. or something along those lines). But who knows. It's only the rest of my life.... =P Besides that, I've been living at Crystal's since I really cannot stand being home. It's weird though, I get along so much better with my parents when I'm not home. Is that bad? Eh, whatever. 7 months and I'm out of here and I won't have to worry about it. =) Until then I'll just suck it up and deal. On a lighter note, since this is the last day of our "4 day vacation" (veterans day Friday, Superintendants' day today)... I've been at Crystal's (suprise, suprise). But it was fun... played in a senior all-stars game (soccer) in Scotia on Friday. Long drive, but I made it alive. Hahaha! Hmm... well that's all the update I have time for, for now anyways. More later maybe.

ps. Thanks for all the comments (Andy, Britt) ... sorry I'm so bad about responding to them. I'll try to be a little more on top of things. Keep the comments comin'!

love, lisa

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hey, quick update for the sake of wasting my time.
Not much is new, school's been busy. Soccer's over.
Hoping for some SNOW soon......... =) Can't wait!!

Leave me comments. -lisa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hey what's up? Kinda disappointed that people don't leave me comments anymore but whatever. (Thanks to Erin by the way for her comment on the last post... I appreciate it). GUESS WHAT?!! 2 Days til my 17th birthday (October 9th - Columbus Day). Pretty cool since I was born on Columbus Day Monday in 1989. Oh and also it's pretty sweet also because we DON'T HAVE SCHOOL!! Wahoo!! Oh - And happy early birthday to Erin because her birthday is the same as mine...!!!! :-D So yeah - this is going to be a busy 3-day weekend. I'm going Minigolfing tonight with Crystal and then we're going to eat in at pizza hut and we're getting breadsticks and stuffed crust. Then we're going to Taco bell and getting our T7's in the drive thru. Then we're going to KFC's drive thru and getting mashed potatoes, gravy and mac and cheese, then we're going to wendy's drive thru and getting chicken tenders. And we're going to bring all that, plus the left over pizza from pizza hut, home for a midnight snack / breakfast. ;-) haha. Then sometime tomorrow (Sunday), I'm going to Crystal's house because she's having a "party" for me there, with me her and her mom 'cause I haven't had a party since like 3rd grade. So that will be exciting because she's making me NACHO'S!!! (Her nachos are AMAZING... you don't even know!!) Then I'm spending the night at her house tomorrow night and on Monday we're going to BRITTANY'S for a chicken lunch because she's awesome and she invited us. So I'm wicked excited for that!!! :-D Then I'll prolly come home on Monday b/c my parents will whine and complain if they don't see me on my birthday, but I won't be home for long because I'm spending Monday night with Crystal and Tuesday it's school. So this should be an eventful / full-of-food weekend. Yeah, def putting on my Thanksgiving weight early. CAN'T WAIT.!!! :-D

SO leave me COMMENTS Or write me a Birthday Email: .... leaving me an IM will be no good b/c I won't be around to check it and my computer randomly shuts itself off if I'm not on it for awhile. So that MEANS.... Stop being slackers and get at me. You can try the house (802-645-0644) - though, I prolly won't be home.

Later!!! <3 me

Thursday, September 28, 2006

So I've tried to update this thing like a million times but apparently the combination between blogspot and just techonology in general... I am pretty much hated because I lose internet connection every time I'm in the process of updating. So hopefully this time it works.

Summer ended on a pretty good note. Sucky and depressing as it was overall, I got to hang with my Bestest so that always brings a smile to my face. We went to the Wash. County Fair where I went on my first "roller coaster" the "Fireball". Almost pee-d my pants.. not gonna lie. Then we took turns squealing during our traditional ride on the zipper. Good times. Finally buried our "Treasure" this summer and became sisters for real. So that was pretty exciting - not going to go into detail with that though.

Soccer started officially and I got captain. (Wahoo!). Though the season record-wise has sucked... we have gotten a lot better and we've just had a lot of bad luck so it's too bad our record doesn't exactly show how much we've improved. So that's all still going on - Our under the lights game is October 11th (wicked pumped for that) and our Whitehall game was moved to October 20th - so our last game (SENIOR GAME) will be HOME... talk about awesome. And hopefully we'll play well that game because we have 12 seniors who are leaving this year (myself included) and I know we can beat them.

School has been EXTREMELY busy thus far. Esp. with ACC Stats, AP Psych and Physics. Yearbook isn't as stressful this year, thank God. Our new teacher Ms. Weber is awesome (though most people hate her because they're idiots). W/e she's wicked cool.

Also, it's been pretty busy with the whole college thing. Thinking Maine or New Hampshire are definite states of good possibility for me. Possibly Ohio, Conneticuit... Virginia being the farthest I'd go. And I don't want to go into Mass. or Rhode Island. So Crystal and I have been discussing all that - since we're going to the same one and all. I'm going to the College Fair @ ACC on Oct. 5th because over 150 colleges will be there so it should be pretty informative. I've decided to retake the SATs (signed up and it's happening Nov. 3rd or 4th.. can't remember off the top of my head. May or may not take the ACTs.. don't know yet. We'll see what time and stress allows. Gotta get those teacher recommendations real soon.......

My car's been good to me so far. No dead pedestrians / animals and no crashes. So I guess that's a good sign?

Hmm... my 17th birthday's coming up on October 9th (can't wait!) Plus it's Columbus day so there's no school which makes it double awesome!! =) Hopefully I will get to see Jillian sometime because I miss her like crazy. Again, depends on what time allows though.

Wellllllllll I've got to be going since I still have a response paper to start and finish for English, and psych reading and notes. Sooo.. leave comments because mhm that's right - slacker though I may be... I still update every 15monthes or so... =P

<3 me

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So I haven't gotten better about updating... though not entirely my fault - computer was down for the past week or so. Let's see, what's new? First of all: thanks for all the comments! Alex I promise, in the name of Abraham Lincoln, you WILL get that IM Conversation. As far as the Great Escape goes, Andy... not sure about that or not. :-\ Unfortunately since my mom went back to work at the beginning of the summer I am stuck here watching my brothers during most week days and soccer will be starting next Monday (by the way... wicked stoked for that!!) And Crystal and I this whole summer have been trying to set it up so that I live with her for 4 days (Fri-Monday) and am only home Tues-Thurs. when my mom needs me to babysit. So hopefully that will work out starting this weekend and assuming it does, I won't be home on weekends either. :(

As far as recent events go.. I got my license on the 3rd been driving my moms Ford Escape around - so for all of my Granvillian friends, you are no longer safe on your sidewalks across the border. Heheh... just kidding. On a more serious note, my Uncle AJ died on the 4th from a bad heart attack and I had to sing "Amazing Grace" and "You Raise Me Up" (his 2 favorite songs) and I pretty much had all I could do to not break down in front of my family... not fun. =
Getting away from depressing talk- Crystal officially FINALLY came over again... good times. We're rebels (CK you know!!) haha. Nah, it was great fun. Then a few days later she came back over b/c it was wicked hot that day and her mom didn't want her in her house b/c it's crazy hot there and we have 2 ACs constantly running (personally I'm always freezing but w/e). So we had yet s'more fun. Did a Race for the Cure (Breast Cancer for all you people out there scratching your head). I did the women's run and then the walk... totalled 6.2 miles that day.

Went to the carnival and got to sing a bazillion songs with Young Country (popular band that immitates country singers.. they go to like the Wash. County fair / pretty much all the local carnivals).. which I have my moms big mouth to thank for that. Because they were setting up early on in the day and she told them that she had a daughter that liked to sing and so she came back to the house and got me and I sang some songs for the lead singer / guitarist and he was like: "wow... you have an awesome voice you should really consider getting into music, etc. etc." and I was suprised because these guys are pretty amazing. So yeah, he was like: we'd love you to help us out tonight or w/e so I did, not bad. It was pretty fun I guess.

Let's see... what else have I been doing? In between using my driving privileges to go see my Bestest I've pretty much just been around here watching my brothers. Not exciting. Been playing soccer at the fields, said goodbye to Viele [left for Ireland again on Monday morning], been out jogging / biking, reading here and there, etc.

Finally got a car. It's old but not in bad condition at all. 1997 Ford Escort, Green / teal color. Getting seat covers here in a few weeks. Got it cheap ($600) cause my dad knew the guy. Then it cost $400 for new front / rear brakes, 2 new front tires and a couple other little tweeks I had done to it. Gets 35 miles to the gallon... can we say FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! The only thing I don't like is that there's no CD Player or even a casette so I can't even plug it in there!!! AHHH!! But I think my dad is going to get one for my birthday (Hopefully sooner than October though). Because I paid for $800 out of the $1000 it totaled to. Yeah, definitely not some little rich girl who gets anything she wants from daddy. Hate me. Lol =P No, I really don't care... just a car that will get me to and from school and soccer practice. Pretty much all I care about. Not really all about impressing people but w/e. Yeah, so I have the insurance for it and I'm going to Rutland on Friday to get it registered while my parents are at work. So hopefully I can be driving it by this weekend. Hmm... this is a very long update and I could probably be making better usage of my time.

Oh! Before I forget: Went into school and got my schedule b/c the online thing wasn't working for me... not sure if this is set in stone or not, but this is what I have:

1) SUNY Statistics
2) AP Psychology
3) Gym(a) / Chorus (b)
4) English
5) Yearbook
6) Lunch (1st Semester) / Health (2nd Semester)
7) Physics
8) Lab (a) / SHall (b)
9) Government (1st Semester) / Economics (2nd Semester)

Alright, well I'm officially leaving. So keep posting comments and I'll try to be better about this thing. We'll see. Got a busy rest of the summer. <3 lisaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So I've been procrastinating this update. I'm a horrible person. Kick me, oh do it already.

Not much is new anyway. And that's the way I like it. Everyday has either been spent at Crystals or here with her (today and a few days last week). We've decided to make a time capsule thing and bury it at the end of summer and then dig it up the night before Graduation. Gonna be sweet. :) Yesterday was my parents 18th Anniversary, which by the way; I forgot. Haha. OOOooops. Okay, so not only am I a horrible updater, I'm a horrible daughter. And what's worse I'm apparently a horrible friend since no one calls me back *cough* JillianCox *cough*. haha. Nah, she's just a slacker - the rest of you losers are the ones who call and IM ME. Sorry I'm bad at getting back to you all. But I will, I swear. I may be slow, but I'll eventually get there on the to-do list. No but seriously - if this is Jill... you had better be calling me missy!!! >:o ... I MISS YOU!!!!

Besides all that - not much has been going on this summer. Little of this, little of that. Been going to soccer every monday night at the fields... a whole bunch of people show up and we play against the Guatemalans. Pretty awesome I'd say. And they remember me?! hahaha... ahh - gotta love it.

Well I'm officially sick of this update so I'm gonna get going. Perhaps I will be better about updating more frequently. Then again, maybe not. LEAVE ME COMMENTS !!! <3>:=}~ hahaha. love, me