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Thursday, June 08, 2006

So it's been awhile. I've been so busy. The end of the year - exciting / stressful.

My uncle is still in the hospital, still pretty bad. Grandpa isn't looking too good either... continued prayers would be more appreciated than you know.

On a happier note.... the past few weekends I have spent with Crystal have been nothing but amazing. Other highlights - took the SAT's.. hopefully did well on them - I think I did. Got to sing these past 2 weekends on the radio for my minister... wicked cool to be in the recording studio. :) I felt like a superstar. Also, I sang for the Powderpuff Football game (Senior Girls v. Junior girls playing Football, while the boys were the cheerleaders, omg... so funny). And of course, my class - the Juniors, pummled the Seniors who were talking smack - 60 to 19. Go us !! haha. GOT OUR YEARBOOKS TODAY !!! Had our Chorus Concert tonight, eh - we won't go there. Pretty much - we sucked. What else? I've basically just been really busy with School / finals and the review classes, etc.

Well, I've gotta go. I'll update more later when I have more time. I know I'm forgetting stuff.
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Blogger Andy said...


Thanks for hanging w/ me. I had fun.
Maybe we will actually be able to do somthing next time we hang out. Have fun with your friend.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Hey Lisa!

actually as nice as 60-19 was 40-19. =P

Thank you so much for taking pictures and videos at that game!. There Awesome, just like you. :)

Love Ya!

8:39 PM  

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