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Friday, July 14, 2006

forgot to say in my last post - went on the opening day (July 7th) to G.Falls with Crystal and Emily to go see Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest - wicked amazing movie... I reccommend it to any Johnny Depp fanatic, such as myself. ;-) Anyway, not much has been going on these past few days... went to see Crystal for a few hours on Tuesday because I missed her so much haha and we were having "separation anxiety" lol. But I'm leaving this afternoon to go stay with her for the next 2 nights. :) I get to watch 3 tournament games she has for her summer league softball team (The Blasters). One today, 2 tomorrow. Then so I'm getting picked up on Sunday at her house by my Gramma - solo as always to do. Bleh. =P Then.. coming home, calling NicoleJennifer Scott << :-D and going to hang out with her for a little while. So that should be fun... God I miss that girl!! Well not much else has happened so I won't bore you with an update where I have nothing to say. Hi to everyone. OH! And a special shout-out hello to Johanna from the NYC trip... thanks so much for commenting on the Prom entry, glad you liked the pics and it was so good to hear from you. Keep in touch!! Jessica Simpson and "he's from British!" Lol. Good fun. I sent you an email, by the way. :) Hope to talk to you soon.

Alright, well I've gotta be going. Still gotta pack for Crystals'. :) Leave me comments!!


Blogger britt said...

Hey Lisa, it's Little Viele here. I'm so excited because Steph is coming tomorrow!We are decorating the house, it looks so cool, we are also making Steph a brownie cake. I'll have Steph give you a call a soon as she has some free time.


12:59 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

sorry that we didnt get to hang out today =/ i had to cover a shift for renee because she wanted to go to someones graduation party. i almost had a heart attack yesterday because i thought it was sunday and i was like "SHIT! I WAS SUPPOSED TO HANG OUT WITH LISA" but then i realized that it wasnt sunday after all, and then i felt better. but then i remembered that i had to work and i became sad again.

haha so yeah, sorry for the ramble. expect a phone call from me sometime tomorrow!

i love you a whole lot =]

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

hey Lisa! I haven't commented you in a loooong time! Sorry!! Well, I hope that you are having an awesome summer! I have been having a boring one. I got my ears peirced at the begining of July.. and yeah. Thats really it. ^^. Well, I gotta go!!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

L I S A.

Hola. What's new? I ish bored. I am trying tochange my earings for the first time, but I can't get them to come out. lol. I guess I better go get the chainsaw.. Just kidding, lol. Well, I just wanted to drop by and say hola. Soo..

And now, Adios!!

9:59 AM  

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