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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So I haven't gotten better about updating... though not entirely my fault - computer was down for the past week or so. Let's see, what's new? First of all: thanks for all the comments! Alex I promise, in the name of Abraham Lincoln, you WILL get that IM Conversation. As far as the Great Escape goes, Andy... not sure about that or not. :-\ Unfortunately since my mom went back to work at the beginning of the summer I am stuck here watching my brothers during most week days and soccer will be starting next Monday (by the way... wicked stoked for that!!) And Crystal and I this whole summer have been trying to set it up so that I live with her for 4 days (Fri-Monday) and am only home Tues-Thurs. when my mom needs me to babysit. So hopefully that will work out starting this weekend and assuming it does, I won't be home on weekends either. :(

As far as recent events go.. I got my license on the 3rd been driving my moms Ford Escape around - so for all of my Granvillian friends, you are no longer safe on your sidewalks across the border. Heheh... just kidding. On a more serious note, my Uncle AJ died on the 4th from a bad heart attack and I had to sing "Amazing Grace" and "You Raise Me Up" (his 2 favorite songs) and I pretty much had all I could do to not break down in front of my family... not fun. =
Getting away from depressing talk- Crystal officially FINALLY came over again... good times. We're rebels (CK you know!!) haha. Nah, it was great fun. Then a few days later she came back over b/c it was wicked hot that day and her mom didn't want her in her house b/c it's crazy hot there and we have 2 ACs constantly running (personally I'm always freezing but w/e). So we had yet s'more fun. Did a Race for the Cure (Breast Cancer for all you people out there scratching your head). I did the women's run and then the walk... totalled 6.2 miles that day.

Went to the carnival and got to sing a bazillion songs with Young Country (popular band that immitates country singers.. they go to like the Wash. County fair / pretty much all the local carnivals).. which I have my moms big mouth to thank for that. Because they were setting up early on in the day and she told them that she had a daughter that liked to sing and so she came back to the house and got me and I sang some songs for the lead singer / guitarist and he was like: "wow... you have an awesome voice you should really consider getting into music, etc. etc." and I was suprised because these guys are pretty amazing. So yeah, he was like: we'd love you to help us out tonight or w/e so I did, not bad. It was pretty fun I guess.

Let's see... what else have I been doing? In between using my driving privileges to go see my Bestest I've pretty much just been around here watching my brothers. Not exciting. Been playing soccer at the fields, said goodbye to Viele [left for Ireland again on Monday morning], been out jogging / biking, reading here and there, etc.

Finally got a car. It's old but not in bad condition at all. 1997 Ford Escort, Green / teal color. Getting seat covers here in a few weeks. Got it cheap ($600) cause my dad knew the guy. Then it cost $400 for new front / rear brakes, 2 new front tires and a couple other little tweeks I had done to it. Gets 35 miles to the gallon... can we say FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! The only thing I don't like is that there's no CD Player or even a casette so I can't even plug it in there!!! AHHH!! But I think my dad is going to get one for my birthday (Hopefully sooner than October though). Because I paid for $800 out of the $1000 it totaled to. Yeah, definitely not some little rich girl who gets anything she wants from daddy. Hate me. Lol =P No, I really don't care... just a car that will get me to and from school and soccer practice. Pretty much all I care about. Not really all about impressing people but w/e. Yeah, so I have the insurance for it and I'm going to Rutland on Friday to get it registered while my parents are at work. So hopefully I can be driving it by this weekend. Hmm... this is a very long update and I could probably be making better usage of my time.

Oh! Before I forget: Went into school and got my schedule b/c the online thing wasn't working for me... not sure if this is set in stone or not, but this is what I have:

1) SUNY Statistics
2) AP Psychology
3) Gym(a) / Chorus (b)
4) English
5) Yearbook
6) Lunch (1st Semester) / Health (2nd Semester)
7) Physics
8) Lab (a) / SHall (b)
9) Government (1st Semester) / Economics (2nd Semester)

Alright, well I'm officially leaving. So keep posting comments and I'll try to be better about this thing. We'll see. Got a busy rest of the summer. <3 lisaaaaaaaa


Blogger nikki said...

hey lisa i miss you so much sorry i havent commented til now been so busy. i read your comment. i have a lot to say! first of all i am so sorry about your uncle i know what its like and i know it happens in life but i wished it wouldnt happen to you you are awsome and beautiful i hope you are better now. stay strong!. the breast cancer race was awsome~! congrats. it is people like you that will make a change in this world! i am glad you had fun singing at the carnival i am sure you have an amazing voice that you shared with everyone. i wish i was there to hear you. i cant wait til school to see ya. we have 2 classes together chorus which we cant talk to each other and sh 8th b days. but i miss you and crystal so much i wanted to see you guys b4 school but when im not busy idk when you guys are lol. but i want to hear from ya so plz comment my xanga site. nikki_leigh_05 cuz i will probably never talk on here except to comment you! i g2g but i love u bunches and hope to hear from you soon~! <3nikki

11:47 AM  
Anonymous CrysKidd said...

Hey kiddo

Hopefully everything works out with the whole scheduling thing. :( i really hope it does.

Hopefully the whole "soccer" thing works out too for us. you know...;)

Oh yeah.. and if I didn't say this earlier..I'll say it now... thanks for staying with me the whole time at a risk of getting what i could have had. thanks for being there, as always. :-*

Love ya kiddo
see you tomorrow at the fields...bright,cold and early. haha:)


10:12 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

LIISAA!!! Hola. I ish commenting your wonderful site now. Sorry for the lacking of the comments. *is ashamed* But anywho, I can and can't wait for school! lol. UUHHhh.. I gotsed my hair cut!! I got about 5-6 inches cut off, and now it's just barely touching my shoulders. :0 *gasps* Amazing, I know!! lol. Weeeeeeelll.. I am gonna keep typing cause I really like this green scrollbar that just appeared in this little box I am typing in. lol. La la la!! I hope that you have had a really good summer! And uhh.... Oh yeah, I am staying off all sidewalks!!! hehehe. Wellllllllllllll.. I shall be going now. Stay awesome!! I shall talk to ya later!!!!


3:33 PM  
Anonymous Crys said...

Hey Kiddo!<3

Shopping on Saturday :):):):)

Can't wait!

SCrimmages tomorrow! Wahoo. I'm E-x cited. :-P

I gotta get a move on that time capsule stuff...:-O.

"I had an imaginary conversation again!!!"

well i'm on the phone with you now and I hope you enjoy listening to me breathe. Haha. ;)

Love yOU!!!!!....see you at 8 a.m.

8:06 PM  

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