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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So I've been procrastinating this update. I'm a horrible person. Kick me, oh do it already.

Not much is new anyway. And that's the way I like it. Everyday has either been spent at Crystals or here with her (today and a few days last week). We've decided to make a time capsule thing and bury it at the end of summer and then dig it up the night before Graduation. Gonna be sweet. :) Yesterday was my parents 18th Anniversary, which by the way; I forgot. Haha. OOOooops. Okay, so not only am I a horrible updater, I'm a horrible daughter. And what's worse I'm apparently a horrible friend since no one calls me back *cough* JillianCox *cough*. haha. Nah, she's just a slacker - the rest of you losers are the ones who call and IM ME. Sorry I'm bad at getting back to you all. But I will, I swear. I may be slow, but I'll eventually get there on the to-do list. No but seriously - if this is Jill... you had better be calling me missy!!! >:o ... I MISS YOU!!!!

Besides all that - not much has been going on this summer. Little of this, little of that. Been going to soccer every monday night at the fields... a whole bunch of people show up and we play against the Guatemalans. Pretty awesome I'd say. And they remember me?! hahaha... ahh - gotta love it.

Well I'm officially sick of this update so I'm gonna get going. Perhaps I will be better about updating more frequently. Then again, maybe not. LEAVE ME COMMENTS !!! <3>:=}~ hahaha. love, me


Blogger Andy said...

What is up?
Unlike some losers, to whom I happen to be related, I will say “HI”.


So, I still have that ticket to the Great Escape. We should go sometime. Not this weekend, but the next?

Or you can just take the ticket and go by yourself. JK

You have my number, or you can e-mail me.


7:17 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Hey there kiddo.

I Miss you like crazy!!...and i just saw you yesterday. =P

yeah i need to get started on what i'm putting in the capsule...ahh! But's it will be awesome..because 1-you came up with it 2-we have great ideas and 3- well, we're just awesome, i guess. =P.

SOccer starts soon! :-D can't wait.

well you're still not home yet and i'm anxious for you to get home bc i haven't heard your wonderful since like 11:45 this morning. :(

Well i love you tons and miss you too.

..Hope everything is going okay. considering :(

Love ya Kiddo <3

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

But dude, stick figures ROCK!! lol. :)

Yeah, the electronic school thingy ma bobber is extremely annoying. Trust me, you definitly exist. ^.^

Lalala... Do you know if there is going to be youth group this year? I hope so... Although it definitly won't be the same without Marty. lol.

Wellllll... I shall go now.


10:11 AM  
Blogger alex said...

L. White how goes it? WHERE THE CRAP IS MY IM? HMMMMM? I'm missing you. And I hope you found your brother in K-Mart. I saw him like 50 bajillion times and I couldn't seem to find you to tell you. It was actually rather funny. I was like "OH! there he goes!" And I couldn't find you til I left. And I wasn't stalking you I promise...I just HAPPENED to turn up where ever you were. Yeah...that sounds like I good excuse. Anyway, love you!


A. Linc love forever!

2:41 PM  
Anonymous crystal said...

Hey kiddo

I hope your 'rents will still let you use the car when i'm in the situation. :-\

Hopefully the "extended" weekend thing will work out...soon!..'cause that's ridiculous.

Soccer's a week away! that coming fast...and so is the end of summer...:( bleh.

Well I just wanted to say that I MIss you A LOT. and Love yOU even More. <3





love ya kiddo

-Crystal .

P.S.- SMILE! :)

5:34 PM  

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