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Thursday, September 28, 2006

So I've tried to update this thing like a million times but apparently the combination between blogspot and just techonology in general... I am pretty much hated because I lose internet connection every time I'm in the process of updating. So hopefully this time it works.

Summer ended on a pretty good note. Sucky and depressing as it was overall, I got to hang with my Bestest so that always brings a smile to my face. We went to the Wash. County Fair where I went on my first "roller coaster" the "Fireball". Almost pee-d my pants.. not gonna lie. Then we took turns squealing during our traditional ride on the zipper. Good times. Finally buried our "Treasure" this summer and became sisters for real. So that was pretty exciting - not going to go into detail with that though.

Soccer started officially and I got captain. (Wahoo!). Though the season record-wise has sucked... we have gotten a lot better and we've just had a lot of bad luck so it's too bad our record doesn't exactly show how much we've improved. So that's all still going on - Our under the lights game is October 11th (wicked pumped for that) and our Whitehall game was moved to October 20th - so our last game (SENIOR GAME) will be HOME... talk about awesome. And hopefully we'll play well that game because we have 12 seniors who are leaving this year (myself included) and I know we can beat them.

School has been EXTREMELY busy thus far. Esp. with ACC Stats, AP Psych and Physics. Yearbook isn't as stressful this year, thank God. Our new teacher Ms. Weber is awesome (though most people hate her because they're idiots). W/e she's wicked cool.

Also, it's been pretty busy with the whole college thing. Thinking Maine or New Hampshire are definite states of good possibility for me. Possibly Ohio, Conneticuit... Virginia being the farthest I'd go. And I don't want to go into Mass. or Rhode Island. So Crystal and I have been discussing all that - since we're going to the same one and all. I'm going to the College Fair @ ACC on Oct. 5th because over 150 colleges will be there so it should be pretty informative. I've decided to retake the SATs (signed up and it's happening Nov. 3rd or 4th.. can't remember off the top of my head. May or may not take the ACTs.. don't know yet. We'll see what time and stress allows. Gotta get those teacher recommendations real soon.......

My car's been good to me so far. No dead pedestrians / animals and no crashes. So I guess that's a good sign?

Hmm... my 17th birthday's coming up on October 9th (can't wait!) Plus it's Columbus day so there's no school which makes it double awesome!! =) Hopefully I will get to see Jillian sometime because I miss her like crazy. Again, depends on what time allows though.

Wellllllllll I've got to be going since I still have a response paper to start and finish for English, and psych reading and notes. Sooo.. leave comments because mhm that's right - slacker though I may be... I still update every 15monthes or so... =P

<3 me


Anonymous Erin said...

Hey Lisa!!! Erin has left you a comment!!!!!! Yay!! Just saying hola, and hoping that you are having a good schoolyear. Gosh! Youre' a senior, and Im a sophmore!! I get my class ring this yearr!! YAY!!

Well, I shall go now. Adios!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! :-D

I hope you had a great one. :)

Love ya Kiddo<3

...under the lights game this week...AHHHH!!!!! I'm excited. ;)

see you soon. <3.

....that was a cheezy trick... :-P

7:07 PM  

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