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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hey what's up? Kinda disappointed that people don't leave me comments anymore but whatever. (Thanks to Erin by the way for her comment on the last post... I appreciate it). GUESS WHAT?!! 2 Days til my 17th birthday (October 9th - Columbus Day). Pretty cool since I was born on Columbus Day Monday in 1989. Oh and also it's pretty sweet also because we DON'T HAVE SCHOOL!! Wahoo!! Oh - And happy early birthday to Erin because her birthday is the same as mine...!!!! :-D So yeah - this is going to be a busy 3-day weekend. I'm going Minigolfing tonight with Crystal and then we're going to eat in at pizza hut and we're getting breadsticks and stuffed crust. Then we're going to Taco bell and getting our T7's in the drive thru. Then we're going to KFC's drive thru and getting mashed potatoes, gravy and mac and cheese, then we're going to wendy's drive thru and getting chicken tenders. And we're going to bring all that, plus the left over pizza from pizza hut, home for a midnight snack / breakfast. ;-) haha. Then sometime tomorrow (Sunday), I'm going to Crystal's house because she's having a "party" for me there, with me her and her mom 'cause I haven't had a party since like 3rd grade. So that will be exciting because she's making me NACHO'S!!! (Her nachos are AMAZING... you don't even know!!) Then I'm spending the night at her house tomorrow night and on Monday we're going to BRITTANY'S for a chicken lunch because she's awesome and she invited us. So I'm wicked excited for that!!! :-D Then I'll prolly come home on Monday b/c my parents will whine and complain if they don't see me on my birthday, but I won't be home for long because I'm spending Monday night with Crystal and Tuesday it's school. So this should be an eventful / full-of-food weekend. Yeah, def putting on my Thanksgiving weight early. CAN'T WAIT.!!! :-D

SO leave me COMMENTS Or write me a Birthday Email: .... leaving me an IM will be no good b/c I won't be around to check it and my computer randomly shuts itself off if I'm not on it for awhile. So that MEANS.... Stop being slackers and get at me. You can try the house (802-645-0644) - though, I prolly won't be home.

Later!!! <3 me


Anonymous Alex said...

Okay, so I'll comment, cause it's been a while. I'm not sure what to say, though cause I see you practically everyday ANYWAY.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

Happy Early Birthday toooooo LISA!!


Hope ya have a good birthday. :)
I get to have Root Beer Cake!! *licks imaginary cake* YUUUUMmmmmmm.

I shall go now. :)



10:59 AM  
Blogger britt said...

Hello specialness. i wanted to leave you a comment. Talk to you later

11:23 AM  

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